EST 1993......

Ch.Int. Joetunn´s Tom Dooley
black tabby mc/ white (n 09 23)


He`s our big gigantic Pappa Bear :o)
An original type Norwegian Forestcat! Very big and strong.
With a coat structure that every Norwegian Forestcat dreams of! Because of him, we are crazy about Polaris, who is responsible
for Dooley`s in- and outside. Dooley has also Polaris`s signature: A tiny little white tailtip :o).
His wonderful temper made him a perfect breeding male. He never sprayed. Never fought with other males.
And he was a wonderful father! Now he`s a wonderful grandpa and great- grandpa :o)
We had to neuter him, because he got stones is his bladder from a bad food,
i tried, because a friend told me that there was a new, marvallous food, pure nature. I still can`t forgive me that.
Not only our males, but also other males got bladder stones because of this food!
Still he takes care of our kittens, teaching them to be as social,
as he is. He really can get along with any creature!
Two of his daughters stayed in our cattery as breeding queens.
Candy and Pippi fra Jerriks Smykkeskrin.
And after we had to neuter them also, we kept a daughter of Pippi
and even got his great-grandchild (Candy's grandchild: S*Istindra's Raven)
out of Sweden to keep his lines for our cattery!
Tossa´s son
Ior has inherited lots of him!

You were as solid as a rock...
Not the leader of the pack, but the gentle wise guy,
everyone came to whenever in need...
13 years you where with us for better or for good...
Every newcomer got a warm welcome, you comforted them and showed them all around...
Every one just loved you desperately and we will never forget you...
You went to sleep forever in the arms of your daughter and
she held you tight for ours after...
This picture is burned into my mind forever...
It hurts soooo terribly much...
The old Feline, who never liked anyone - except for you,
now often lies together with your daughter on the blanket you left your last breath on...
You live on in all your wonderful offsprings and in our hearts
Rest in peace my Dooley-Bear

I found a nice urn for him.
It looks like an ancient, Egypt juwellery box.
He´s a little bit founder-male of my cattery, which is called translated:
"Out of Jerrik´s juwellery chest"

1 year

5 years

6,5 years

With little Trulsson - aren´t they both totally-super-cute???

With Trulsson and Trulla is hiding behind him

9 years
with his daughter Pippi. They stil love each other desperatly!

Eaven if he's 10 years, now- he still takes good care of his grandchildren!
Ida with Dooley

Dooley 2004 - 10 jahre jung

Dooley with Maja

11 years

12 years
he doesn't like the kids fooling around anymore, but he stil loves to cuddle with them!

13 years

with his daughter Pippi
She misses him sooo much...