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Hailey von Havajon
black tortie (f)
Born on 08-05-2011

DNA Test results:
Pyruvate kinase deficiency (PKdef): N/N
Bloodtype N/N

Her immune system is extra ordinairy good! Also her teeth and gums are totally healthy.
A fact that is very important to us, as it is not to be taken for granted these days!

Pawpeds pedigree

Picture Pedigree

Due to personal circumstances of her owner she came to live with us at the age of 3 years, together with her friend Tjelda.
She is a daughter of our Bill Weasley, who's father is Arthur Weasley (logically) and of Bumsan (S*Istindra's Raven).
Both of them we miss terribly and somehow Hailey has inherited a lot of them both!!!
Her mother is very beautiful black lady with a very suitable name for our cattery - Bijou.
Hailey looks very old fashion in type, she has huge paws with large tufts in between the toaths (snow shoes).

Thank you so much Diana for entrusting your sweet baby girl to us!!!

As long as she can cuddle, it doesn't matter that she moved to another home.
She follows us around like she was born here. But the other ctas are beeing mostly ignored hahaha.
Typical tortie ;-)
But not only her colour, but also her getting in the heat as soon s she came here, made her confident enough
Females in the heat are not only more confident but also higher in rank.
Which makes it easier for the other cats to accept them.
Her favorite habit is - CUDDLING...
Hailey had no litter until now, so it's about time ;-)

After her first heat here, she started to attack every cat in the house...
We were desperate and afraid we could not keep her here...
Jannik is not impressed by such behaviour, so it was boring to attack him.
We decided to try and keep her together with Jannik and Tjelda in the male garden for awhile.
The first heat was no succes, but the second heat she got pregnant.
The pregnancy made her behaviour a bit milder and we were able to bring her together with more and more of our cats.
At the end of the pregnancy she was able to walk around every where.
The only cats she still had to hunt where the youngsters that where very subservient cats.
As that were the ones who Tjelda also hunts - teamwork...
When her kittens where born she acted like a normal mother cat in her own group!
It got better and better!!!
We made it!!!

Her kids are extremely affectionate and very typical REAL type NFO!

Hailey with her beautiful son Jerrik (Karl Heinz)
November 2014

Sie ist eine richtige Dame geworden!


cuddle, cuddle, cuddle...

These pictures are taken by Diana Kerseboom - thanks!!!
Here she is not even 2 weeks at our home!

The first week in our home...

Cuuuuddling with Romina...

cuuuuddling with me...

The first day at our home
She is sooo lovely!!! <3

"Blimey! What's up there????"


She spots a dog for the first time...
"What is that creature???"

"Tsssss well, a piece of cake for me..."


The snow shoes!!!