EST 1993......


Bonny - Jack Russel Terrier
She was Chikko's mom.

This picture was made by Desiree

Bonny 15 years old

Chikko and she were a cute duo! Fortunately Bonny is not such a typically nervous Jack Russel.
She liked to lie under the blanket all day long, but when visitors were there she came out to get all the attention.
She was very intelligent and liked to do tricks.

At the age of 15 years we had to let her go...

Chikko went crazy beeing the only dog in the house. He was howling all day long. It was so sad and terrible!
The poodle lady Tessa had lost her owner when she was 11 years old she came to live with us. Her owner had died and she was moaning just like our Chikko.
I thought it might be worth a try to put these two old sad sould together and Chikko fell in love at once.
Tessa liked to be treated like queen, but she acted like a circus clown ;-)

November 2009
Thank you Desiree for these funny pictures!

Jenny-Lee and Tessa became best friends

Oktober 2010
In Holland we celebrate animal day!

For this occasion we took Tessa and Silas to Jenny-Lee's school ;o)))

Jenny-Lee with Tessa

April 2011

She was 16 years old when we had to say goodbye for good.
She is now over the rainbowbridge, reunited with her first owner.
We will miss this funny and vain clown forever.

Beau needed a playmate to fool around with.
It had to be a very big and strong dog, as Beau is weighting 54 kilo... ALL muscles!!!
And here he is:

Arco (left)
Caucasion Ovcharka
ca 2 years young

So happy together...

Unfortunately Arco likes only us
No one would dare to come near Jenny-Lee or our territory.
Which is not only an advance...

He smiles like a dolphin

This is our extraordinary pack :-)
Boerboel girl, Beau & Jack Russel X Postmandogsmix: Chikko & Poodle lady, Tessa & Caucasian Ovcharka, Arco
Plus daddy with Baby Ella :-)

Arco's past was just too bad.
In the first 2 years of his life he had been treated badly and not taken care of like they should have done.
His body and mind just got too many scarves from that...
At the age of nearly 4 years we lost him in a tragic way. We had to put our very best friend to sleep forever.
We are totally heartbroken and we desperatly hope for him to come back to us one day as a healthy puppy...
Never are we going to forget him - it will hurt forever.
Rest in peace my truest friend and gentle giant
, you'll stay in our heart forever.
I miss your Doplhin smile soooo much!!!!!
Beau will also never forget you.
We try to comfort ourselves with the knowledge that you have been happy for the last 2 years with us and that you were/are loved.
But this is just a tiny comfort...

And so Chikkos time came...
At the age of 17 years, we had to let him go.
We will never forget this very special and loyal friend...
Now he is reunited again with his mom Bonny and best friend Tessa.
We will see each other again some day!!!! <3

Chikko: Jack Russel mix
His father is the dog of our postman ;o)

His mom Bonny you can find in the dogs memory

Chikko with Pelle

Chikko with Milo

Chikko with Emil

These picturs are made by Desiree
Thanks a lot!!!

Chikko 9 years

Chikko is a loving, caring fellow. He loves our kittens and plays for big brother.
The kitten love to play and cuddle with him (and his tail ;o)