EST 1993......


Ragnaroks Signy
Alias: Lilly
black silver tortie tabby ticked (fs 25)
Born on 17.10.2012

PKdef N/K

Suprelorin pause until June 2015

Unfortunately she suffers from chronical gingivitis and stomatitis, wich doesn't respond to any treatment.
After we'll finally get the infection to a lower point in order to take out all her teath, she wille be neutered

We tried another treatment and that worked out fine!!!! So if she stays this good, we might still be able to use her for breeding! She is a very tough and strong cat! Never sick even when her gums were that badly infected!

Her parents:

Ragnarok's Naomi
(f 23)
Torv Hede's Jonas
(ns 25)

Komplete inbreeding just 1,78% and Polaris just 5,44%!!!

Pedigree on Pawpeds

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Kitten and veteran show NL Eerbeek (organised by: de Noorman)

For 12 years i fancied a ticked tabby NFO*, no matter how some breeders would think about that.
I only say: Pans Truls' (prototype for the NFO*) mother was a shorthair cat that looked like a BKH*' mix...
*Norwegian Forestcat - *'British shorthair

My dream ticked would have to come with a very nice and healthy pedigree...
So here she is! Even silver and with red spots, which is promising very colourful litters!

Ticked cats have a very special, clown-like-crazy temper and they are very human loving also! Our sweet little baby has it all!
Like a little monkey she hangs in my arms to be carried through the whole house!
She likes to watch TV, sitting up straight like a meerkat to get a better view!!! Sooo funny!! And if i offer her my hand for more stability, she even stands up straight!!!
So much joy.... And if we are tired in the evening, she comes to lay down on my lap for ours, in the most impossible manouvres one can imagine...
So how on earth could one manage to update the homepage... ;-)
like this???

In type she is much promising.
Very nice expression, great ears, straight nose, looong body with looong legs and a tail just as long.
She simply is something very special!

Almost 5 years
WILD thing :)

2,5 years
These beautiful pictures are made by Diana Kerseboom, thanks!!!

Almost 2 years

15 months
These very beautiful pictures are taken by Robert ten Harmsen, thanks!!!

14 months

Almost 8 months

7 months

Almost 6 months
She loves water and has so much fun catching and chasing it ;-)

5 months

18 weeks
On the bed with Dolly, cozy with daddy...

17 weeks
Bugatti and Lilly are "helping" with the laundry...

Ready - so much work makes you tired...


And so we sleep on the kitten show...

15 weeks

Relaxed because children and dogs are no problem anymore.
She can raise them to obey her ;-)

"Hey you! Gimme that camera!!"

14,5 weeks

Cozy under my blanket :-)

That's life....

TV... She is going to be veeery smart!

Watching TV together...

No words...

Beau & Lilly & Memphis

Bugatti seems to agree that he is the best match for her ;-)

And if the dogs come to close, this is the safest spot!

Oh, and Tronja stealing her food...

The first eavening with us. On Daddys laptop is the safest spot...

14 weeks
one day before she came to live with us
Thank you Reina for these nice pictures!!!