EST 1993......


NL*Ragnhild fra Jerriks Smykkeskrin
Alias Marley
blue tabby mc white (a 09 23)
Born on 01.06.2016

GSD4 free
Pyruvate kinase deficiency (PK deficiency) free


Compleet inbreed 2,81% and Polaris 8,88% which is very low and rare!

Her father Jannik always passed on such lovely "Prima" charakter,
so when we had to neuter him it was clear we would keep at least one girl....

And this girl i liked very much right from the start, wasn't it that she didn't like me at all!
So with pain in my heart i promised her to friends. I had to choose another kitten.
Three days before she had to move out to her new owners, my youngest daughter Ella asked me
which kittens would leave us this weekend. When i answered: "Ragnhild..."
This girl jumped up right from the sot where she had been sleeping deeply just a second ago and crawled right on my lap!!! Purring very loudly and looking right into my eyes!!! Cats....
For 13 weeks she had avoided my company and now this.. I was flabbergasted.
We kept her and she has the same affectionate temper as our beloved Prima had! Just like Prima, she lies in our nek :)

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Her parents :

IC.Love on Leggs Gaya

D*Jannik von Gremmenbygd

1 year and 10 months

1 year and 9 months

1 year and 5 months

11 months

10 months

8,5 months

6 months

5 months

4 months

almost 4 months

Crazy, naughty but oooh soooo lovely :)

11 weeks

10 weeks

9 weeks

8 weeks

7 weeks

6 weeks

5 weeks

4 weeks

2 weeks

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