EST 1993......


Tjelda fra Jerriks Smykkeskrin
black smoke/white (ns 09)
Born 20-07-2008

HCM & PKD & CIN free at the age of 6,5 years!

DNA Test results:
Pyruvate kinase deficiency (PKdef): N/N
Bloodtype N/N


Complete inbreeding COI is just 0,58%!!! Wich is extremely rare these days!
Just like the very low Polaris percentage! Wich is just 4,49%!!!

She came back to us at the age of 6 years due to personal circumstances of her owner.
Not only her looks remind us of the NFO from the first hours but also her pedigree keeps that promise!!
Her father (Torv Hede's Laban) is now 13 years old and still fertile breeding male!! His mother reached the wonderful age of 17 years!!
Tjelda's mother (Kida van Ubasti) is now 12 years old and has still a lot of nonsens on her mind (in top condition)!
Her brothers and sisters and also her parents reached the average age of 15 years!
The complete pedigree contains Norwegian Forestcats from the beginning and also loads of Novices from back than!!!!
We are so happy and lucky that we can use this silver juwel for our breeding programme!
Imagine what she will bring us with our own novice boy Smyril!!!
We are going to keep something for our breeding!!
Tjelda brings us so much closer to our goal - breeding healthyREAL Norwegian Forestcats!!!
Tjelda has had two terribly beautiful litters in the past!!!
The last one was in 2011 - so it is about time...

Thank you som much Diana for entrusting your treasure to us!!!

She needs to get settled here but already she gets along okey with the other cats!
Also because of her getting in the heat at once when she came here.
Females in the heat are higher in rank and therefore they have more self confidence.
De other cats accept such a cat more easily also.
She likes to play with the laser light a lot. Than she looks exactly like her mom:

Kida van Ubasti
Alias: Xaphiera

Unfortunately she couldn't fit in to our group of cats.
She hated some of our cats wich made it impossible foor her to stay here.
Maybe she is simply to old to fit into such a group of cats.
However, now she finally found her forever home :) She lives now with Chaos, feeling good at once!!!

On the first day back in our home

All these nice pictures are taken by Diana Lindner!