EST 1993......


NL*Trine fra Jerriks Smykkeskrin
F1 (foundation) Generation
blue tortie (g)
Born 25.09.2016

GSD4 free
Pyruvate kinase deficiency (PK deficiency) free


Total inbreeding is just 0,0% !!!
That is the lowest in all the worlds NFO breeding!!!
As Smyril is out of the wild in Norway
Polaris just 4,91% !!! Veery low and extremely rare!

And that is the reason why we kept her.
As her precious father had to retire from breeding because he couldn't stand to be seperated as a fertile male.
We simply had to keep her to set forth his breeding line.
Oh it made me cry to neuter him after all the effort to get him into our breeding programme!
But i had to choose for his welfare. Now he is feeling fine again!
Beeing able to follow us around all day long :)

Trine is just as sweet and lovely as her parents and also she has their nice boning.
We are very curious about her further development!

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Her parents :

Hailey von Havajon

N*Smyril Norske Smykke

1 year and 4 months

Almost 7 months

Almost 6 months

17 weeks

15 weeks

10 weeks

9 weeks

8 weeks

7 weeks

6 weeks

3 weeks

2 weeks

1 week

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