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In bezit van het nieuwe diploma vakbekwaam houders van dieren

We have kittens!!!

Trippel fra Jerriks Smykkeskrin

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Update 18-03-2019

Our Covergirl :)
Huldra fra Jerriks Smykkeskrin
F1 (foundation) Generation


More than 25 years of breeding experience

Our breeding goals:

The health of the breed,

The temper,

Preserving the breed as it was created by mother nature long time ago

Kittens are fully socialized by the whole family, including dogs and kids

All our breeding cats are tested for PKdef and GSD4
Also we test our cats for HCM, PKD and CIN at appropriate ages
FIV & FELV is tested on regular bases of course

Our cats are full family members!




New layout!
Not comlete yet, but the old pages are still available!



To improve the health of the breed we went to Norway to get two REAL Norwegian Forestcat boys without any pedigree background!
Mother nature made the choice! One of them went past the official proceure according to the FNK rules and is already registered officiallly as NFO!



We are not every weekend on cat shows, but still on regular bases and with success!



In order to keep our males and females happy and healthy we use Suprelorin since 2006. That way our males can run free in our house most of the time! And need to be seperated Just for a short time of spraying!



10-03-2019 Updated the litter page

For more information feel free to contact us

Norwegian Forestcats
fra Jerriks Smykkeskrin

Melanie Natrop
Hummeloseweg 50
NL-7021 KH Zelhem
Tel.: 0031-314840945

We speak Dutch, English and German!

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04-08-2018 We have been to Norway again to collect some fresh blood for the breed! Real Norwegian forestcats without overbred pedigree background! Take a look at Birka & Trulte & Lissie & Faxe