EST 1993......


Guus with Amicus

Bugatti with me

Next to the animals we also have three wonderful children and even one grandchild!
On this picture: My youngest daughter Ella, my second daughter Jenny-Lee and me

My oldest Daughter Romina

My second daughter Jenny-Lee

And our smallest daughter: Ella with Jack

I bought my first Norwegian Forest Cat "Jerrik av Swalboed" in 1993.
As with almost any other breeder, it was not my intention to start breeding.
But I was infected with the NFO VIRUS. Our neighbour bought a NFO girl: "Laurine fra Loa".
But it didn`t work out between our neighbour and her,
so she came to live with us. And then we had a couple of this wonderful kind of cats.
I went to my first show, with our "Jerry" as we called him.
As you can imagine, this wasn`t my last show :) that`s the way it all started.
I lived in Germany at that time and my cattery name was "av Saltkrokan".
When I moved to the Netherlands I first continued breeding under this name.
But because of some personal reasons (divorce, cat-mafia), I stopped breeding for three years.
After we lost our Jerry because of cancer, we started breeding again.
A whole new beginning with a new cattery name in a Dutch cat club.
(Welcomed with open arms by the cat mafia) :)
The reason for the new cattery name is, that I wanted to dedicate it to our Jerry, which we miss so much.
Because he was such a proud fellow and loved to be on cat shows, we decided
that every kitten that comes from our cattery had to wear his name.
"fra Jerriks Smykkeskrin" is Norwegian for: "out of Jerriks Jewelry Chest".
So every time when one of our kittens goes to a cat show, this is in Jerry's honour.
And so he`s a little bit immortal.

Our kitten`s are checked by a veterinarian and in good condition, when they leave to live with their new owners.
Raised with all the love we have and a little bit spoiled :)
We only give them to people which we think we can trust. If you adopt a kitten from our cattery,
you get an information map, including an "adopting" contract and a lot of information
about the NFO, raising a cat and medical advice.
Of course not everything can be written down in this information-map,
so if there are any questions, I will always have a listening ear for the new owner.

We breed NFO`s of the traditional type:
Big and strong, with a good coat structure which saves much time in grooming.
We try to breed them as healthy as possible, so they can reach high ages!
They`re also raised with children and dogs, fully socalized and with a lovely nature.