brown tabby classic (n 22)

We bought him without Pedigree and because of his big paws in combination with his colour etc. we always say: his mother was a sibiran-tiger and his dad a teddybear :).
His temper seams to proof this theory too :) He is a cuddlebear, but when he starts to play (wich he does very often) the tiger suddenly appears. Every one is very impressed by him and on first sight think he´s the biggest around here.
But Dooley is much bigger than him!

He is totally crazy about our rabbits and they chase each other very often in the garden. (Mostly the rabbit chases him!) After the game, they get cosy together,
as You can see in the pictures.

6 months old with Dooley

1 year old with Roger Rabbit


3 years

almost 5 years

5,5 years

6,5 years

7 years

Following pictures were made by Anke (cattery av Tyssedal).
Thank you so much for all the nice pictures!!!

August 2007 - almost 9 years

here together with Loona

And this picture was made by Tom
Thanks a lot!!!

9,5 years

And this picture was made by Desiree
Thanks a lot!!!

11,5 years
Because i got a terrible disease, i'm not able to take the same care of so many cats anymore. So with terrible heartache i decided that they deserve better and find a better home for some of my cats.
Now Moses lives together with Milo, Oz, Lion and domestic cats:

Lion & Moses

Oz & Moses

12 years
Moses & Milo