EST 1993......


Felishof's Pandora
black tabby mc & white (n 09 23)
born on 15.03.2012

GSD4 free
Pyruvate kinase deficiency (PK deficiency) free
HCM normal, PKD and CIN negative on 22.04.2016
at the age of 4 years and 1 month

Pandora is a very nice addition to our juwelery chest!
(fra Jerriks Smykkeskrin = out of Jerriks juwelery chest)

Show results:

6-10 m
Worldshow Houten NL
Kitten and veteran show Eerbeek NL
second best female 10-18m!!!
Worldshow Houten NL
EX2 (lost against our Dolly)

Her parents:

Felishof's Yara
(n 09 23)
Narviks Mercurius
(n 23)

Complete inbreeding COI only 2,81% and Polaris only 9,30%

Pedigree on Pawpeds

At a friends cattery we meat two females from this cattery. Both are not only very handsome, but they also have a fantastic temper! Lisa Marie even stayed with us (Amicus) and it was a pleasure to have her at our home. Pandora is family of both girls. She is very confident of herself and calm/relaxed at the same time. Even in strange situations. All the long trip home she was sleeping on Romina's lap in the car. She can also talk a lot - sweet! We know that these lines are very robust in health! Her pedigree is very interesting, with a low % of Polaris and inbreeding!I find that back in her nice boning, head shape, strong chin and the promising coat quality. Last but not least she has nice tufts on her beautyful ears! Great authentic example of REAL NFO (norwegian forestcat)! I've seen 4 of his direct ancestors live and they all look like the RAEL thing! As if they picked them right out of the forest!
We are very curious about her further developement in the future!

Thanks a lot, Klaas & Miranda for this beautyful juwel

Exactly 4 years

3 years summercoat

2 years and 10 months




21 months


In this picture you can see her showing her sweet temper.
She is such a very sweet and lovely clown <3


19 months

10 months

Prima (11 years old and stil so beautyful) & Pandora

Almost 10 months
already as BIG as a big, grown female cat!

22 weeks
in extasee on Romina's lap... She is soooooo sweet!

18,5 weeks on her first day with us


"Maybe i can convince her to commit some crimes together?"

"Hey Dolly! Listen!"


They get along great!

She also likes Bacardi

18 weeks

17 weeks
strongbuilt girl!

8,5 weeks



7 weeks

6 weeks

With her brother Murano

With her brother Onyx

3 weeks

New born