EST 1993......

Gr.Ch.Int. Peter Pan Möre og Romsdal
brown tabby spotted/ white (n 09 24)

Born: 28.05.2000


He`s a Juwel, from the inside and from the outside!
We chose to give him the Name Peter Pan for his Pedigree, for two reasons:
We love the "Pan" cats and "Pan" meens: "God of the Forest".
When his breeder brought him to us after a long time looking forward for him,
we found him much to beautifull to call him Peter.
After a long time of thinking (no name was good enough), we just decided, to call him "Smykke",
which is norwich for "Juwel". He always sleeps in our bed, purring and purring.
He loves everything- especially when it meens more attention :o)
He`s a spoiled bratt and we love that. He even steals food out of my mouth :o)
Smykke is a wonderfull, caring father and has a lot of love to give.
He has a very long nose with a straight profile, although he has a slight bobble
on front of his straight nose-line. A long tail, a big and long body.
The very warm brown colour, wich he got from his wonderfull father S*Skogsraet`s Aramis,
makes him look even more special and gives him the finishing touch.
It`s not easy to discribe him, you just have to see him, live and in person.
His charmes makes the judges melt away :o)
He`s a heppy neuter now, playing the loving great-grandpa ;o) His kids are all wonderfull!

He really is the "golden nugget" of our cattery!

Thank you sooooooooo much Rudi & Coby
for this, with one word: "Smykke"

Hyperthyroidism and cancer took him away from us...
From now on, Cattery fra Jerriks Smykkeskrin has to go on without Smykke.
We will never get used to it...

Thank you so much Desiree for this beautyful memory picture

He meant the world to us...
A "Smykke" not only on the outside...

"Who's coming?"

Course he's guarding the little rabbit!

And rabbit's feeling very secure with Smykke guarding him ;o)

He really adores his children.....
With his doughter Mellon

with his son Silas

What do you mean? Al Bundy???

King of thiefes...My two wannaebe gourmets ;o)


Almost 5 years old in his summercoat - May 2005

5 years old

Almost 6 years old

6 years old - August 2006
Jenny-Lee feeds him with the spoon, so his summercoat is full of Lasagna