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A few years ago a friend told me about Suprelorin.
She heard about it from a Siamese cat breeder, who was already using it with success.
My friend wanted to try it on her male (our Ron Weasley) and i was very sceptical in the first place, because it´s some kind of chemical castration and usually that has some very mean side effects. But when I surfed the net for more information, I was positively surprised because this really has no side effects what so ever!!! With all other chemical castrations the male body is overdosed with progesterone - but this Suprelorin-chip simply gives a sign to the hypophyse that there is enough testosterone in the body, so it stops the production! You can compare it with a pain killer, it works the same way. Also it works on female cats!!! No more uterus infection from using the cat pill or being in the heat too often!!!

This chip is implanted just like the micro-chip. Slowly it dissolves, releasing the working substance (Deslorelin) in intervals. Deslorelin is a GnRH blocker. GnRH is the body own hormone, which regulates the fertility hormones. On male cats it works for 14 months and on female cats 14 till 18 months (also depending on the season). Three days after implanting the chip, the females get in the heat for once. In some cases this heat must be interrupted by giving the cat-pill, but that only happens in few cases. After this heat, the female has a REAL rest for 14 till 18 months and behaves like a real neuter! They eat more, get better coat, play, cuddle, are more tolerant and calmer - just like a real happy neuter! The same goes for the male cats and they even stop spraying!!! The males get a slight hormone up, before it starts working to neuter them. Its very different with the males, but mostly after 3 till 6 weeks they start behaving like a happy neuter!

My own experiences with the chip:

Our Ron Weasley in Germany was the first male cat to try. He was not spraying, but chasing the females all the time. Therefore he lost weight and had no time for his humans anymore. It worked perfectly on him for 14 moths, though he tried to mate again when the chip was 10 months old, it did not give any offsprings. But after 14 months he got fertile again. Because of the chip he got his very nice coat and the calm, cuddly temper back! So the peace in the cat group was back and he felt sooo happy!

Next cat to try was our Vicky. She is just as fertile as a siamesian cat, very often and strongly in the heat. She even marked her territory like a male. After 6 months she got in the heat again and i thought the chip had finished workig, but she didn´t get pregnant. She got in a permanent heat! So i gave her the cat pill once, to interrupt and she stopped being in the heat at once. Afterwards I read about this and giving progesterones, when they get in permanent heat due to the chip. So without knowing, we did the right thing. She stopped marking her territory ad felt a lot better! Finally she got some coat and in the end the chip worked 18 months for her. After that she got a very nice litter of 5 kittens!!!

Same time as Vicky we implanted the chip to Arthur Weasley. He had started to spray and that is not so nice in the house… So he got the chip. He stopped spraying very quickly and had more time to cuddle! Also it was a good way of preventing my two males to get jealous and start fighting each other. And another advantage - that way we could not get accidents like matings between mother and son. So we had only one fertile male at that time! 14 months later, Arthur Weasley mated with our Bumsan and produced a nice litter of 6 kittens. He even did some outside matings, all with nice results! After 5 months of being fertile, he started to spray again. Though i must say that he had lots of very fertile females around him ;o) So maybe if he had not seen so many females, he might have stayed "clean" a bit longer ;o) So he got his second chip and can have a rest for 14 months again. Meanwhile our Memphis is going to get fertile again…

Memphis had not only started to spray, but he also got very thin and his only interest was GIRLS ;o) He had no time to eat, cuddle, play, sleep and so on… Poor Memphis was not himself anymore! So he also got the chip. He stopped spraying, gained weight and he had time for the REAL important things in life again! He got so happy and i got my old Memphis back ;o) I have no female for him at the moment, but he starts to get interest again. So i think he´s fertile. Which means - 14 months workout.

Prima had a litter of 8 kittens and that had taken a lot from her. So we decided for her to have a long term rest and implanted the chip. 16 months later she got in the heat again.

Our Domino also had the chip. She got a wonderful coat and was very happy during that period! Before the chip she never wanted to be brushed, but with the chip, she just let it happen! Simply because she became a happy neuter due to the chip ;o)))) On her it worked 15 months. And than she got a litter of 3 very nice kittens.

Bumsan struggled 4 times with a uterus infection due to using the cat pill! I got her when she was 8 months old and at that time she was using the cat pill already for 3 months! Therefore she got a uterus infection, which was a bit hidden - no symptoms except for the males chasing her all the time, though she was not in the heat! Which is a sign for a hidden uterus infection. But i didn´t realise, so i gave her the cat pill, because i thought she might get in the heat… Unfortunately, we could not get the chip at that time, because it was not yet allowed in Europe and we had some troubles to get our chips… But that would have been her own salvation… So we had to mate her twice in a very short time. But now she finally has the chip and she looks like a neutered male cat with an outstanding coat and body in the middle of August… Finally her uterus has some rest and she is just sooo happy and in TOP condition!

At last the chip is legal here in Europe: "Suprelorin - trademark: Virbac". The vets are still very sceptical, also because it says only for dogs, but it is even used with success in ferrets. Ferrets are very sensitive animals… If you neuter a ferret the usual way, it might get kidney cancer. Also some ferrets get bold. This chip is used on ferrets to prevent the kidney cancer and the boldness. On Dachshounds it is used to prevent prostate cancer! Many Dachshounds get this after being neutered, but when neutered by this chip, it lowers the chance to get this cancer highly! Because this chip simply stops the production of the fertility hormones, it has no side effects even in long term use! On the contrary - the animals live longer because they get the resting periods.

Also it can be used on cats who need to be neutered, but are not in condition for surgery. For exsample a cat with a heart disease. You can spare its life for a long time this way!!!

And there is another important item:
These days you have many inherited diseases in cats like HCM & PKD.
Those diseases often show very late, when the cat already had produced itself very often! But its not healthy for the cats to wait so long before reproducing. Females get uterus infections because of using the pill on long term or getting in the heat too often. Males would get crazy, not being able to follow their instincts. Using this chip, we could "freeze" the cats without doing any harm! Until we know that they are genetically healthy.

Every one who knows me, knows that my males don´t live in outside cat runs, but are fully members of the family. They even sleep in my bed. Therefore i can not have them spraying! Before we had the possibility of the chip, we had to neuter these males and lose them for our breeding. Than i often looked with jealous eyes to the breeders, who can keep their males in cat runs. But i could never do that, because I want them around me. Now we have the chip, i even can have more than one fertile male in the house, without spraying! And think of our Bumsan with her uterus infections - normally i would have had to neuter her in order to save her live - now i still have a healthy, happy breeding queen, thanks to the chip!
But the most important thing is: They are sooo very happy due to this chip!!!!

Update Febuary 2009:

Memphis started to "sing" and sometimes spray again in January. So i had kept him fertile for 7 months without any problems. In that period he mated with Tossa and the result was 3 kittens. Usually Tossa only gets 2 kittens - this was the second time that she had 3!
In January 2009 we gave Memphis his second chip.
Meanwhile also Amicus has this chip. Implanted June 2008. He behaves like a happy neuter.
So at the moment following cats have the suprelorin chip:
Arthur Weasley, Bumsan, Memphis & Amicus.

Update May 2009:

Nikita had developed the Dolly Parton Syndrome in a very aggressive form!
She had gotten in the heat very young and we had to give her the cat-pil. That´s why she developed this. Usually she would have been neutered at once, but we decided to give her the chip instead. Now she´s totally recovered... We can not say for sure that this credit goes to the chip, because it seems that some cats recover by themseles.

Update March 2013:

the last update was in May 2009, so we start right back there again.

In September 2009 Snoesje got Suprelorin. She got fertile again exactly after 14 months, but we had no fertile male for her at that point. Her next litter of 4 wonderful kids was born in April 2012. Amicus is the father. In April 2012 Nikita also had kittens from Amicus.

Nikita had her first litter after 14 months Suprelorin in August 2010. Amicus had Suprelorin again in March 2010 his first litter after that was born on 23-01-2012. We found out that Suprelorin also works exactly 18 months on his father. So we now know that Amicus will not be fertile before 18 months after Suprelorin, just like his father. Amicus had Suprelorin again in May 2012. Icarus and Snoesje got Suprelorin in June 2012, and Bugatti in July 2012. We go on with Suprelorin in March 2013 with Jannik and Dolly. We are still very happy about this amazing invention!

I often hear that males who are very calm in fertility take longer time with the implant to work out. So people should keep that in mind! EVERY cat has become fertile again after Suprelorin. Even a Bengal male who had gotten the BIG Suprelorin when he was still a small kitten has become fertile again! In the contrary i heard some times that the males were still able to produce litters. So please keep that in mind, though i don't know the details in these cases, for example how long that males had the implant. The first 6 weeks almost every male get more fertile! I had forgotten about that once and so my Icarus mated two females in secret... I never had the problem of fertility after those 6 weeks with my own males. Amicus starts to mate with the females after 10 months with Suprelorin, but it never resulted in kittens.

Update Januari 2014

Our little Dooley got very fertile at extreme early age (6 months) We treated him with Suprelorin and now he is a happy and playful boy again! His brother Smyril followed one month later...

Meanwhile Snoesje got fertile again also...

Update May 2014

Bugatti got father of 7 kittens together with Snoesje - so both cats had just worn out the Suprelorin and still it resulted in such a big litter!

Amicus and Jannik are going to be father again in the middle of July.

Rhythm, Bugatti, Wilma and Nicky are on Suprelorin again.
Dolly's Suprelorin will be worn out soon and Maya'ssuprelorin will be worn out in July.
But we will have no plans with them at that time - maybe in the winter.

We are still very happy and grateful for this marvallous invention! Without Suprelorin we would never be able to keep so many males happily in our midthst, while still beeing able to pass on theire genes once in awhile!!!

Many people still contact me about Suprelorin.
So we found out that the more fertile the nature of a male or female is, the sooner Suprelorin is worked out! And it's the other way around for males or females who are very calm and tender in nature. It works much longer in such cats! One should keep that in mind before panicking - EVERY cat gets fertile again! Even a Bengal male who got the double dosage of Suprelorin at the age of 4 months!!! The double dosage was given because the vet didn't know that Suprelorin does work much longer in cats than in dogs!!! For cats you should always use the 4,7mg Suprelorin!!! It's the one that works 6 months in dogs. On the other hand we often hear from people that their males keep still fertile during Suprelorin... Producing big and healthy litters... You should keep that in mind until you know how it works on your male!!! This is mostly the case in males who are veeery fertile when they don't have Suprelorin.

The first 6 weeks of the implant of Suprelorin the males are getting more fertile!!

Our Icarus never felt the need to mate with a female... until his Suprelorin was 3 weeks old... He produced 2 OOPS litters with Snoesje and Nikita... Amicus starts to mate with the girls again when he got Suprelorin for 10 months, but it never results in a litter. He get's really fertile after 18 months, just like his father!!!

More fAQS:

Because i wrote many articles about Suprelorin, which are translated in many languages, loads of people and vets contact me about it. And they all keep me informed about their own experiances. Thank you all for that!!!!

But also some people contact me to tell me if something went wrong!
They come complaining to me...
Until this day we could always find out that NO problem truely resulted from the use of Suprelorin!!!
Most of the time it was a result of wrong interpretation, wrong use or wrong explanation from their vet!
But sometimes there was something wrong with the cat itself - trouble from the lines, like they found out that the mother of the cat had similar problems without Suprelorin.

To prevent females getting permanent into a heat from Suprelorin, simply implant it within the first two days of the heat!

We know many females from different breeds, who got pregnant during the first 3 weeks of Suprelorin. They all got healthy litters, without any problems!!! So these females were on Suprelorin during the whole pregnancy!!!

Most people contact me to tell their suprelorin succes stories, like theire cats are feeling so good and happy!!!

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