EST 1993......

Moondust´s Alousha
silver tabby mc (ns 23)


She really was a lovely, gentle and funny Lady.
Everybody loved her: visitors, dogs, rabbits etc. She adored children and they adored her, too.
We call her "Dissi", weard name you would think, but here`s the story how she got to her name:
She was first ment to be called Jessy, but my doughter was too little to speak out this name.
She transformd it into Dissi and everyone started to call her so.
She became my doughters cat, because they love eachother so much.
The only thing she didn`t like were kittens from other cats.
When we had kittens here, she moved upstaires in order to not get in contact with those, as she thinks, little critters.

We will never forget you!!!!!!!!
And it stil hurts that you are not around anymore...
Especially Romina stil cries very often, because she misses you sooo much!
You were her childhood companion, in both: good and bad times.
You brought so much joy into our live and we are sooo greatful for that!!!
It's a pitty that Jenny-Lee can't grow up with you...

With kittens and a puppy of our Bonny!

"So! These visitors can´t move an inch!"

The following picture is very special! Because she usually doesn't like kittens!
Is she getting old and wise now?? She's 10 years old on this picture.
Emil & Tyttebær & Dissi