EST 1993......

black smoke/ white (ns 09)

Our lovely, little Clown!
She was always like a kitten, not only in her temper, but also her size. She was the smallest cat in our cattery, although her father is hough giant. Maybe that`s why she adored kittens so much. With her kitten voice, she called for us, when she needed attention. And we mustn`t try to sleep at night,cause the bed is not for sleeping, but for cuddling and purring (that was her oppinion) :) She really was a joker:) and a little bit nuts, too :). Although she was a small cat, her type was brilliant. Very straight nose, nice expression very good coat strukture and in the winter she had lots of coat. The problem zone of the NFO-the chin, was in Tronja very strong. She also had tiny little tips on her ears. She was born in the periode, when we stopped breeding (a lucky accident) so she had no pedigree, wich really is a shame. If she had a pedigree
i would not had her neutered. She was such a wonderfull queen.

Sweet, funny, little clown! We miss your funny games desperately!!!
You followed you'r mother sooo quickly...
I hope you both are up in heaven, playing together like you always did here...
As wonderfull it was to have you in our live, as terrible it is to miss you!!!
We will never forget you!!!!!!!!
Thank you for all the wonderfull years!!!!

her ancestors