EST 1993......

Ingemar Kirre van´t Oestertje
blue tortie smoke/ white (gs 09)

A dream come true... As long as I know the Norwegian Forestcat,
I wished for a beautiful blue tortie girl. Now finally after 8 years we had one.
We decided to call her "Tyara" - like the diadem "Tiara" Not only because it fits to our cattery-name
(out of Jerrik´s Juwelery chest) but also because of the crown like-cream spot on her head, which looks a bit like a diadem.
She was a funny little girly. If you called for her, she came running like a little cow :o)
You could tell from the look in her face, that she was a funny lovely girl.
She had a born/inherited defect on the pancreas and she only became 2,5 years old..

Pedigree on Pawpeds

Picture Pedigree

Our juwel and sunshine, my dream come true...
You were always in such a good mood.
I think of you very often and i will never forget...
Your charms and sweet temper made me melt away so often.
And now you are not there anymore...
Some of your children i see once in a while...
Especially when the wound was still fresh when you had just left us,
it did hurt so bad to see how they are and look like you!
You live on in them... and anyway: "Diamonds are forever!"


6 months old

9 months old with Sverre

11 months old